About Us

All of us at some point in our lives could benefit from the services of a mental health professional.  We all experience loss, sadness, depression and we have all had to live with teenage angst.  Some of us have much more serious mental health issues that require long term therapy.

Long term therapy is hard and uncovering truths to help you live a more fulfilled life is painful.  Working through the issues that keep you from being a functioning and happy person is no easy task.  This is why it is so integral to find the right therapist that can help you.  Not all therapists are equal and they can specialize in different issues and you need one that can help you.

Getting the most from your therapy sessions means you can be on the road to recovery sooner rather than later.  We can help with tips on how to make the best from your therapeutic situation.  It all starts with finding the right therapist and building a healthy working relationship.  Therapy works best when you can work with your therapist.